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Home health Acupuncture: Fertility Treatment for Men and Women

Acupuncture: Fertility Treatment for Men and Women

Acupuncture: Fertility Treatment for Men and Women

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective when dealing with infertility for both men and women. If you are considering this form of treatment to enhance your fertility, there are certain questions that you may want to ask:

  • What are the most effective acupuncture points?
  • When is acupuncture for fertility ideal?
  • Are there any side effects or discomfort associated with this form of treatment?

Fertility points

Acupuncture body points for fertility vary with each individual, and your therapist should be able to determine the most effective body points for you. However, some of the points that are commonly used to address infertility are located on the back, lower abdomen, the arms and the legs. They include:

  • Kidney 3: This is located on the inside of your lower leg.
  • Zigong: Located on your lower abdomen on both sides of the body and just above your pubic bone.
  • Stomach 29: Found below the navel and especially used before an IVF transfer to improve the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Ren 6: Located on the body’s midline, 3 inches below your navel.
  • Spleen 6: Found inside the lower leg and 3 inches above the ankle bone’s prominence.

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Each point has a specific purpose, but they all work together to give an overall improvement in fertility. In fact, acupuncture could stimulate the nervous system, leading to the release of chemicals that are necessary for improving fertility.

Body points at the conception level, also known as the “ren mai” meridian, are commonly used for fertility acupuncture treatments. These points form a line from your anus, up the front of your torso to the chin. However, due to the complex nature of inner body connections, points in other meridians, such as those in the hands or feet, are also used.

When is acupuncture for fertility done?

Acupuncture treatments for infertility in women should ideally be done regularly during your cycle for the best results. It is also important to let your practitioner know the point of the cycle in which you are in as he or she may choose to modify the treatment to your benefit. For instance, the acupuncturist may apply the acupuncture to lower stress levels and support implantation after ovulation. Acupuncture may also be used in combination with vitro fertilization treatments in women.

Fertility acupuncture can also be administered in men for purposes of increasing sperm count, morphology of spermatic cells and motility. In some cases, acupuncture may be suitable for dealing with weak erections, male urinary tract infections and an enlarged prostate – all of which could interfere with male fertility.

Side effects

Acupuncture is generally considered safe, regardless of your medical history. Acupuncture should never be painful; all you should expect is a small tingling sensation when the needle is inserted. If any pain is experienced, inform you acupuncturist immediately, since the needles may have been inserted too deeply.

If you suspect that you are pregnant, it is important to let your acupuncturist know of this because there are certain points that should be avoided during pregnancy. These points could potentially induce contractions, premature labor, or increase the risk of miscarriage.

source : Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility


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