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How To Plant Watermelons

How To Plant Watermelons

The watermelon is known for its ability to quench thirst with its high water content. The sweet taste increases its attractiveness, particularly on the hot sunny days of summer. Its huge size adds to the pleasure as you can keep on eating it without worrying if it’s going to run out or not. This is a tropical fruit that is truly the refreshing treat you need on a hot day. Read on to learn how to grow watermelon.

The watermelon does not only have to be grown in tropical islands, can be grown just about anywhere, and so the people of the West should not worry; just go through these few simple steps to grow this remarkable fruit.

Watermelons are available in various sizes. A lot of space then is required for growing them. Usually, if space is limited in the gardens, the bush variety is preferable as it requires only about one-third the size of the space needed.

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Moreover, along with others, a place for growing watermelons has to be chosen. Being a tropical plant, watermelons need lots of sunlight. These should be grown in a place where a lot of sunlight is available, and no wind and cold will affect the growth of the plants. Thus, the fruit must be grown properly at the time of year when the frost is over.

No specific soil is required, but you must use soil that is fertile. Land should be dug up, and do make sure it is light, moist and fertile.

The soil should be well-drained, and a sufficient amount of fertilizer should be added to the soil to improve crop yields. Mounds should be prepared to hold plants three feet long. Poke holes in 3-4 small hills of soil, and plant seeds in each, subsequently flattening the hole and mound. Also do this when growing raspberries.

The soil should be moist with the seeds regularly watered. The buds will begin to appear within 10 days, if properly cared for and maintained. Protective coatings should be placed on the shoots to help plants retain moisture, prevent erosion, and add to the richness to the soil. When flowers appear, coatings must be removed to let insects like bees pollinate them. The fertilizer should be added from now on every 3 weeks.

There is no exact time or requirements for harvesting melons as this varies depending on the varieties planted. A few signs that’d indicate the correct growth of watermelons would be if the fruit turns yellow from the bottom and if it is dry.

source : How To Grow Watermelon (Detailed Instructions)


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