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The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

So when it comes to yogurt, the latest crown jewel in the yogurt kingdom is greek yogurt. Why? Because the health benefits of greek yogurt are unmatched by other yogurts, and it gets you all the taste, if not a superior taste, and none of the fat if you go with the non fat varieties. I love this stuff, because not only is this one of the best ways to stay healthy out there, but the non fat greek yogurt varieties have all of the thickness and creaminess of a full fat yogurt without any of the guilt! This yogurt is also known for being particularly high in protein as well, which helps you feel full and a lot more satisfied too!

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One of the primary benefits to going this particular type of yogurt is the fact that it does not have nearly as much sugar or lactose that naturally occurs within most yogurt styles. This is important for folks who are lactose intolerant, but still wish to have a more traditional dairy-based yogurt. It also makes this stuff far more digestible for regular folks as well, or simply people who are just looking to reduce the amount of sugar that they have in their diet. But you need to make sure that you stick with the non-flavored varieties if you are eating it for this particular reason.

Another benefit to this yogurt is something that I mentioned earlier, and that is that this yogurt variety happens to be much higher in naturally occurring protein than traditional European-style yogurts. Not only does have more protein, but has twice the protein of most yogurts, which makes this a far more healthy yogurt for you to eat, which can also help you feel full between meals. This is fantastic for those of you might be trying to lose weight but don’t want to consume high levels of meat in order to get the protein that you’re looking for.

Greek yogurt is strained and so it has a much creamier texture and consistency. The reason this matters is because you can use it as a substitute for other dairy-based products that have a similar texture like butter or cream, or even something as common as mayonnaise which we all know can be fairly unhealthy for you in very high in fat. Just make sure you stay away from the full fat varieties of greek yogurt, as they are often higher in fat then normal yogurt, so stick with the non fat for better health!

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